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Payment Information

We accept most major credit cards. We also accept mailed checks, however, we cannot mail the merchandise until the check is received. To pay by mail order, please contact us at our toll-free number.


Purchase Orders and Corporate Payments

For Purchase Orders, we require them to be submitted either via fax or via email to For corporate clients requesting terms, they will be assigned on a case by case basis, volumetrically. However, we require a minimum 50% deposit for orders over 30 chairs. We take great pride in providing our corporate customers the best possible products and best possible service. We are always willing to accommodate your business needs. Please let us know what they are, and we will help you find your business the right seating!


Disclaimers reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Remember, no shirt, no shoes, no service! But have no fear, we probably will never refuse you unless you never pay, send us hate mail, or are a convicted chair abuser. All prices on are subject to change without notice. It is assumed the customer has read our policies regarding returns and exchanges. We cannot make exceptions to the rules. Chairs built to custom orders, such as customer's own material, will be charged upon order placement, and cannot be canceled.



All of our chairs offer manufacturer specific warranties. will honor any manufacturer warranty and provide as much service as needed to fix any problems you may have. Any issues with a product not covered by the manufacturer's warranty we cannot be held accountable for. If you have any questions concerning any manufacturer stated warranty, please contact us and we will help you understand them.


Sales Tax

Orders shipped outside of California will not incur Sales Tax. Orders shipped within the state of California will incur a state sales tax of 8%, or the active rate.



Your security and trust are very important to us. We employ constantly monitored, thoroughly protected state of the art, secure, encrypted servers that ensure your privacy and security. Unless specifically requested, your credit card information is never permanently kept on file. Please see our specific privacy policy for more information. is not responsible for any typographical errors, or misrepresentations of price, features or specifications per individual chairs.


Sales Tax

Aside from any of our emails listed on our Customer Service Page, or the large toll-free number listed at the top of the page, you can mail us anything at the following address: 
9530 Cabot Dr., Ste. A 
San Diego, CA 92131